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...roadss and 3 bridgessareesafe."priies at thee ill, sponsored by senate president mike miller...would also give local governments...likk baatimmre &&pcity...the authorityyto raise the gas up to five cenns a gallon.the proceeds...would go fund...mass & transit.(miller) "it's designed o solve a problem, a crisss, it's a crrsis that needs to be addressee now in 3 "and responding to republicans who have long opppsed compllined that monee from the 3 been iverted to other funds to balance the opeeattig budget, senateepressdent mike miller is proposing a constitutional amendment hicc -3 would prohiiit such ttrnsfers."&pgas tax. (brinkley) "ann if we aabroad....won't get 3thh revenue."difficult choices compounded....y those ever 3 annapoliss johh rydell, fox 45 &pnnws t ten. -3& 3 last yyar.../ -3goverror o''alley... proposed... hasing-in... .a.. six peeccnt... gas... tax... over... three & yearr...//.butt.. that .... aileed..// 3 we're helpinggyou ffnd the &pbest gas prices in your neighborrooddgooto foxbalt
, barbara arieta and mike miller. i know people. at this time i'd like to say a few words about the california grand jurors association. it's an all volunteer group, 501(c) (3) dedicated to promoting the participation in the grand jury system, qualifies applicants to be grand jurors, bidthv awareness so we have consumers of the grand jury's product, report. at this point i'd like to turn it over for some lengthy introductions. >> thank you. thank you, keith. welcome, everybody. we're glad to see so many friendly faces. as president of the chapter in san francisco now for 3-1/2 years and have been really proud of our board who has done so much great work. when i call your name, if you could just stand and say hi. leslie, vice president, and she has been very instrumental in publishing the gazette which i believe that you have picked up. if you haven't, over here by the entrance, there are copies for you to see. the gazette summarizes the previous jury's work as well as explains what the jury is all about. and how you can apply to be a juror. and this is our fourth issue. so, than
ttansportation raise t vennmore... senate president mike miller... wants baltimore ity and surrounddng counties... the authority to inccease áheirá as tax even more.the proceeds...would go directly towards ffuding maas transit. 3& (mayyr) "baltimore city has & overrthe past few years, we've lost in highway user revvnuee we need ttat money for our infrastructure investmmnts, &pfoo our roadss our bridges." debated this week... calls for banning the transffr of money from thh ttansporraaiontruut fund to theegennrrl fund. meantime... governor o'malley has ttken no puulic stand on any biil to boost prrasportation revenue. 3but lawmakers admit... thess &prisiig gas prrces... will mmke any debate... much more - in northwest baltimore, i'' megaa & gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 we're helping you ind the -3 best gas prices in your nnighborhood.go to foxbaltimore dot com and cllck on pump patrol. 3 a formmr john hpkins poliie inveetigattin... is found dead aa his home in 3 county.dr. ikita leey... a & gynecologist at hhppins...
,000 in campaign funds to maryland officials since 2006. mike miller tops the list. he expressed concerns about licensing. sarah brady is not intimidated. to convinceo se legislators with common sense. a the governor's bill faces key vote tomorrow. a committee will decide whether to send it to the senate floor. david collins, wbal tv 11 news. >> state officials confirmed the city police department had no authority to be using their center ford police training. a trainee was critically shot and wounded by police instructor last week. >> we're learning more tonight about what was not in place and what did not happen before an instructor grabbed the wrong gun and fired. the city was at the roseville center without authorization. the city did not request authorization to use the facility, and health department spokesperson told us. a police training from the university of maryland police force was critically shot and wounded. the instructor pulled the wrong weapon and fired while trying to scare trainees away from a window. sources say he meant to use his training weapon. yesterday the police commi
of characters urged legislators to pass the bill. the third time may be the charm. mike miller told supporters the bill is almost guaranteed to land on the governor's desk. making sure the legislation moves to the senate floor where the bill has 24 co-sponsors. >> will get through science committee and the sad enter the house. >> i feel like i am in trouble. griffey was 20 minutes late for a hearing on his own bill. the governor made his pitch. his bill establishes a regulatory framework creating an incentive for companies to invest in the wind farm off the coast of ocean city. >> this legislation is important to our jobs future and energy future and it is important to our children's future. >> the project will create 850 new jobs. and 160 permanent positions. ratepayers would subsidize the investment with up to $1.50 a month tacked onto utility bills. there is a 1.5% increase. retailers and others complain it will cost millions which may be passed on to consumers. >> there will be no great impact unless those turbines are producing energy. bill includes millions in grants to boost minority bu
mike miller who believes there are enough votes to repeal the death penalty. they think that they will petition the bill and get it on the ballot for the voters to decide coming up next year. >> $217 million is the best gift that you could get on vallen type's day. >> i would not complain. >> into the word. >> meet the powerball winners and what they will do with that money. >> kid who could take over in a few years. >> william the weather kid. now a youtube sensation. here is the guy. >> we're in between the systems. snow to the north, rain to the south. what it means for us over the weekend coming up. >>> and if you are not traveling on 95 here, no concerns whatsoever. i'll let you know what traffic is like on 83 and 695 all coming up on good morning maryland. what do we do when something that's hard to paint, really wants to be painted? we break out new behr ultra with stain-blocker from the home depot... ...the best selling paint and primer in one that now eliminates stains. so it paints over stained surfaces, scuffed surfaces, just about any surface. what do you sa
assembly has thh will toobbnn apital 3president mike miller is a supporttr of capitaa punishment... but believes the reppal legislaaion will pass this year.o'malley tried tt push for a epeaa in 2009, but -3 fell short. p3&pvictims of tte aurora almmst 3-million doollrs from the justice deparrtent.. those who will rceive support include the 12 people kklled, thee69 wounded and their families, others in the pheaaer omplex at the time, firss resppnderssand residents that evacuated from an aparttent cooplle where - explosive devices weee -3 discovered.lass july, a gunmen openee fire during aascreening & of "the ddrk knight rises." nato's top commander... is now coosidering retirement.sourcess close to general john allen say he may take time off to speed with his family... before taaing on another & assignment. general llen spent nearly tww years as &pcommander of nnto ffrces in & afghanistan....before finding -3 pimself aught in scandal over embarrassing e-maiis with floridd occalite jill kelley. affer months of invvstigating... llen waa - clear
create a system to regulate and tax it like alcohol. the senate president mike miller says he supports the idea. >> should be treated as very minor offenses, paying a fine. i personally believe that marijuana should be regulated like cigarettes and alcohol. i don't think that's the view of many. >>> more now on breaking news we first told you about on berger cakes and cookies were closed. they closed at the end of january. berger was plating without a -- operating without a license. they were told they could reopen if they paid for a $500 permit. they will let cookie lovers know when production can resume. >>> the flu tops tonight's health alert. seniors were urged to get a flu shot but for many the vaccine didn't work. the cdc said it helped just 9% of people 65 and older. for those under 65, the vaccine was about 60% effective. the cdc said even with the disappointmenting -- disappointing numbers, it's important to get the flu shot. >>> the fda approved a new drug for late stage breast cancer. it's a combination of two drugs, one of which is a powerful chemotherapy drug
. mike miller says, as amended, it sends a chilling message to legitimate gun dealers. thats the bottom line is this bill will indirectly drive gun dealers, legitimate gun dealers, out of business. >> they became so frustrated by the lack of interest that they stop offering amendments setting the stage for a fierce floor fight. >> it tramples allover everyone's a second amendment rights. i do not know what part of a "don't and french" we don't understand. -- "don't infringe" they don't understand. >> it will land in the senate monday night. debate and more attempts to change it could begin as early as tuesday. a house committee will begin publicly working on the bill march 1st. live from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> lawmakers pushed through a bill to repeal the death penalty. after passing a senate committee 6-5, it will now go before the full senate. the capital punishment law was put on hold in 2006 when their world they did not have the proper protocol to carry it out. they are expecting a heated debate as it moves on to the full senate floor. the maryland offshore w
. he said he believes the maryland general assembly will ban capital punishment this session. mike miller has said he believes repeal legislation will pass this year. maryland's last excuse was in 2005. currently there are five men on death row. >>> olympic star oscar pistorius is behind bars charged with murder. mary is live in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: authorities say he shot and killed 30-year-old reeva steenkamp this morning inside his home. they report he may have mistaken her for a burglar. police say they've been called to the home in the past for domestic disturbances. pistorius is expected to appear in court tomorrow. >> he made history at the london olympics being the first amputee runner. >>> the passengers on the broken down carnival cruise ship is waiting to be back on land. they are expected to arrive in mobile alabama tonight. randall pinkston is waiting at the port. >> the terminal has been scrubbed clean for the arrival of the disabled ship. it's expected to be towed into the port of mobile this evening. 3,000 passengers, 1,000 crew are on board.
. senate president mike miller, supporter of the death penalty, also says the measure to repeal will pass in the senate by a comfortable margin. more on this passionate debate, all new tonight at 5:00. >>> marylanders now have four new dorchester county sites. those shells are used in oyster restoration. they are used for environmental science centers, horn point labs. the landfill transfer stations. in secretary. since 2009, 15% of the state's oyster shells have been recycled. >>> time for a look at the rush hour ride home. kristy breslin is at wjz traffic control. >>> definitely not a good start out there for southbound 795. you'll see a lot of brake lights there, down to the beltway. as far as the beltway goes, top side inner loop, slowing there from the jones falls expressway to bel air road. west side, also very slow traffic there, beginning at southwestern boulevard. moving over to liberty road. traffic only moving about 30 miles an hour. southbound 895. stop and go there from o'donnell street to the harbor tunnel. as far as accident
from senator mike miller who believes there's enough votes to repeal the state penalty. he thinks they'll petition the bill for voters to decide. he supports the death penalty and would like capitol cases to stay on the books. >>> tomorrow the teen stabbed after the raven's parade will be remembered and laid to rest. 15-year-old daiante smith was attacked downtown. police have not made any arrests. his parents are asking anyone with information to come forward. >>> the family of the university maryland student shot and killed by his roommate is planning his funeral. steven rain will be remembered saturday in pennsylvania. he was a standout english student who graduated from centennial high school. he was shot in the leg and out of the hospital surviving. >>> breaking news tonight, they are finally home. behind me you see a live picture of the carnival triumph after a miserable week at sea. the nightmare cruise over for some 4,000 people. mar si gone. >> reporter: passengers on the carnival triumph sweated out their final minutes aboard the luxury liner. it left 8 days ago with more tha
the licensing, the fingerprint checks, and the safety training. >> president, mike miller, has expressed concerns about gun licensing in the state. husband, the former white house press secretary, was shot and left paralyzed in 1981 after an assassination attempt on president ronald reagan. >> mass if forced budget cuts seem almost inevitable. it is predicted the sequester will happen. that is not what many local companies want to hear. we are joined live from columbia with that story. >> andy harris told us the divide between his party and democrats is too wide. that is causing a lot of uncertainty for companies we talk to. they rely on defense spending. the howard county chamber of commerce launched a new group. with the threat of sequestration, these companies are concerned about their budgets. >> two-thirds of our volume comes from the intelligence community. it is a deal breaker for us. we are looking for some certainty. >> most of the companies we spoke to tonight said current projects are already paid for and they do not expect any immediate personnel changes. today, the obama adm
and senate ppesident mike miller is &phours eerly tomorrow. they'll convene at 8am. attthe state pouse, johnnrydell, fox45 news at five." 33& the man... &paccused of ttespaasing... at... an... nne arundel - county high school... is... fouud competent to ssand ttial. trial..ollceesay... -3 justin beaumont... proke ntt... orth county --3 high schhol... thii month....// when confronned,... he... said he - wws bbllied... assa student ago...//. police ay... a... pearch off is hooee...ttrnedd 33& iiccuding an uzi... & and... ak-47....//heewas held without bail... until a mental &&pdone...//.anothhrr...bail review... is sst for tomorrow morning. -3&p3 mysterious fumes orce aa evaauation in nortt baatimore. - keith danielssii live outside thh builling whhre where a ummer of peoppe got siik thissmorning... keiih. 3 vo roolcue: more than a dozen peoole -3 33 more than a ozen people are sickened during a hazzat - situation at thh johns hopkinns keswick complex in north balliiore. p3& crews werr called to
hassthe will o banncapital -3punishmenttthisssession.senate ppesident mike miller is a - supportee of capitall punishmentt.. but believes the - repeal legislaaion will ass push ffrra repeal in 2009, but pfell short. -3p3 theeolympic sprinter... wwoo beccmm knnwn arouud the worldd as "the lade runner"... is 3 they received a ccll from the -3 home oo oscar pissoriuss.. about ssooting.when officers arrrved... they found - paramedicsstrying to revvvv a 30-yyar-old womannwho haddbeen shht aa unsppcified uuber of at the sccne... and officers say they found a 9-milllmeter pistol at the scenn. -& they ook the 26-year-ood runner into custody. he later ttday. 3 the admitted gunman bbhind a & morgan state shhoting bbck in shooting tyrell koro...a morgan state fotball player... neaa residence hall.police believe thereewas a revvoussdisppue bbeween the -3& pwo.he'' harged with first degrre murder, assaalt, gun aad drug charges. pome new statistics bb thh &pcenters ffr ddseese control aad prevention finns there are 20-milliin nee cases of phem... it ccst
assembly committee. meantime, mike miller wants to expand the law. he says if efforts to repeal fail he'd like to see capitol cases have more evidence be allowed. currently only dna or videotaped evidence can be used. wants fingerprints or photo evidence included. >>> straight ahead, the mass miscommunication and melt down that led to the green line mayhem last month. >>> and why some home schoolchildren in our area will not be allowed to play sports at public schools. >> what a beautiful valentine's day gift today. lots of sunshine. temperature touching 50 degrees in most areas. some changes to the weekend. and would you believe snow is back in the forecast. we're talking about that in detail coming up. happy valentine's day to lindsay. >> thank you. happy valentine's day to you too. coming up in sports why red skin's fan should feel good about the quarterback progress. >>> three in a row would be really nice. those stories later in sports. brian. >> if you have a story idea, there's the number and e-mail address. we're back. we're back. >>> the tebow bill has been sidelined
and fingerprint checks. >> mike miller has expressed concern about licensing. james brady was shot in 1981 after an assassination attempt on president ronald reagan. >> the identity of the latest mega millionaire is still a mystery this morning. winning ticket was purchased in mount airy. the person has 180 days to claim the jackpot. here are the winning numbers one more time. >> a nice way to start off the new year. 6:36. >> ava marie joins us live from downtown. >> it is a big event coming up this sunday. getting the basic information. they have a beautiful chalkboard. it is being hosted by the baltimore bartenders killed. a charity gala happening this sunday. there will have jazz music and cocktails'. it will be a fun event. they will make some cocktails for us. very chilly today. high temperature in the upper 30's. a chance for a wintry mix friday and saturday. that whit vanna >> how do you get that in your pocket? [laughter] she has no pockets. thank you. 6:38. look out, lebron. some competition when it comes to dunking. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler que
victims. some argue that turns the measure into an appropriations bill. senate president mike miller wants to put the crime victims addendum in a second bill. >> it is a very important issue. >> the vote may not come quickly. they have 12 proposed amendments to the bill and that will not take a vote until those are put in. the senate chairman says be prepared to stay here until midnight. we are just now hearing he may alter that plan and take it up tomorrow. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> also from annapolis, the house is determined that pitbull are not an inherently dangerous breed. the measure was passed this morning. last year the state's highest court ruled pitbull owners a landlords would be held to a strict liability standards for dog bites without any previous evidence that a dog was dangerous. this increases protections for dog bite victims, presuming all dog owners are presumed liable for the attacks. >> sunshine today but little on the chilly side as we struggle to get the temperatures above the big 30 in most areas. it will cool off quickly early tonight. temperatures drop b
raiiee.. an extra 300-million a year.and wwth thh need far greater... senate presiient mike miller wants to give & local governments like baltimoreecity and surroundingg counties... the auuhority to increese átheir owná ggs tax evennmore.the proceedds.. pould go irectly towaad funning mass ransit. 3 baltimore county police are investigating a triple &pshoottng in middll river. happened ate last 3 kiigston rood.police ay ne of the victims died.. tth others werr taken to the word on a suupect or a motive. at this timm. & ooympic attlete oscar pistorius is now faciig &pppemediiated murder chargee in &pthe death of his girlfriend. &pthis morning ... but south & affican judge ssas he's willing to downgrade the ccarge latee. prrsecutors argued pstorius planned toomurder "rreva steenkamp" after shooting her &&p3 times through a bathhoom door on vvlentine's day. pistorrus thought she waa an 3 "" have never seen him show ann angry side. i have ever ssee 3 just -- he's an incredibll -3 kinddand gentleehuma
on the bill tomorrow. gas prices are on the rise. mike miller is expected to have a tough time selling his gas tax proposal today. the bill would add on 3 cents for every gallon and counties could add as much as 5 cents more for their projects. >> 6:35. >> ava marie joins us live from the convention center. >> this is an incredible show, to baltimore. this is the american craft council. i love that these are pieces of art that are also useful. we will show you these purses made from book covers. >> it is all we can starting on friday at 10:00 a.m. you can buy tickets online. 650 artists from all over the country. this is beautiful glass handmade. and ma >> these are incredible pieces of art. i want to check the seven-day forecast. much colder today. temperature's only in the 30's today. breezy winds making it feel chilly. we've watched the next storm system coming in on friday. that could bring a wintry mix into saturday. we will show these beautiful purses made from book covers. >> can you open that up for us/ that is adorable. >> and space. you have a problem with macar
children's future. >> the project would create 850 new jobs and 160 permanent positions. mike miller says he believes this year's bill has enough votes to pass the senate. >> president obama continues his effort to bring his message to the people. he is on the road trying to generate support for his agenda. >> the president is on an all- out publicity blitz. today he will make his second stop urging voters to back his plan. >> we have a lot of work to do. >> the president is pushing his second-term economic proposal. ." >> how are you doing? >> on wednesday, pitching workers at this factory in north carolina, where he urged them to put pressure on lawmakers. >> i am doing what i can. just through administration action. i need congress to help. >> today the president heads to georgia to talk education. >> making sure children are getting early education. making sure our high schools are preparing our children. >> he is pushing for an increase in the minimum wage, which some say will cost jobs. >> when you raise the cost of employment, guess what happens? you get less of it. the american pe
the fingerprint checks and the safety training. >> mike miller has expressed concern about gun licensing in the state. james brady was shot in 1981 after an assassination attempt on ronald reagan. >> stephanie rawlings-blake unveils her 10 year plan. residents might have to pay a fee for trash collection. homeowners would pay 20% less in property tax. is ae work we're doing retention strategy. the work to improve the quality of our schools and give families more choices, that is about retention. >> the plan would bring 10,000 new families to the city. head to to take a plan.t the fall plfull >> each drink of choice could choose your eating habits as well. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. would you want to see baltimore host the summer olympics in 2024? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> live, local, late-breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news today with stan stovall and mindy basara. >> new research suggests anti accident may not reduce the ris
should call maryland police. >> a proposal from mike miller about hiking the gas tax in maryland. miller applies a 3 cent sales tax on gas. the state could collect the difference if that is not imposed. the legislation contains another hike on property taxes. we'll have more throughout the day on 11 news and >> 32 degrees at the airport at 5:36. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. do you think a fire department should be able to charge insurance companies a fee when they respond to a traffic accident? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> live, local, late-breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news today with stan stovall and mindy basara. i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> the fda is advising consumers not to take on approved flu medications from online. flu is
on a plan to pay for new roads bridges, and transit bonds. senate president mike miller has put forward several proposals including a 3% sales tax on gasoline. republicans say the state just needs to do a better job of managing transportation revenue instead of raising taxes. >> the notes texting while driving a law goes to governor bob mcdonnell for his signature in virginia. it makes it a primary offense meaning police can pull you over for doing just that. the bill also raises the fine to $250 for the first offense $500 for the second offense. similar laws already in effect in d.c. and maryland. . 3 degrees. much more ahead at 5:38. >> huge legal troubles for two former leaders. and congressman jesse jackson jr. and f >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> brenda heck, added pain for students at suitland high school and already grieving the murder of a 15-year-old classmate from monday. they learned a second student was murdered on tuesday. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, february 20. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. great to have yo
senate president mike miller wants the city to address independent over site in which projects will be funded. >> governor o'malley. >> talks about her plans in anne arundel county after being sworn in as the new county executive. >> snow showers will be offshore today we will be on the edge of this thing so we will detail it all coming up. ee oo let's get a check of the radar. a little drizzle and light rain around the baltimore area. light rain in baltimore county carol county. indication there could be a little mix. mostly the drizzle freezes on contact with cold surfaces you get icy or slippery conditions on the sidewalk or driveway or maybe streets. the tendency is to be north and northwest of the city today. the further south you go the temperatures get a little more clearance from the freezing point. this is mostly light rain. the most significant rains are in southern virginia and down into the carolinas. outside i mentioned the drizzle and the fog. can't even see the tower. it is so misty out there. drizzle and light rain in ocean city as well. you can see on the board
this year. >> capital punishment is expensive. it does not work. and i humbly urge you. >> mike miller says he believes it will pass the senate. clear the house and go to the voters for referendum. i'm pat warren reporting from annapolis. back to you on tv hill. >> and they put tighter restrictions on the death penalty in 2009. >>> coming up at 6:30, wjz sits down with two people, who lost loved ones to violence and their opposing views to the death penalty. >>> the nightmare for more than 4,000 apparentlies on a crippled carnival cruise ship just won't end. you're looking at some asking for help. people on board. randall pinkston reports for wjz from mobile. >> the broken down carnival ship triumph, is expected to finally dock this evening. >> this is going to be a long day. this is not a process that is going to happen fast. >> reporter: this afternoon, a new problem, a to line snapped as tugboats steered the stricken ship to the terminal. the line was replaced. and the slow journey resume said. >> nellie bets has been in talks with her daughter
as soon as the sequestering kicks in. >>> mike miller hopes to have a vote on a gun policy bill by friday and it would ban certain guns and some large capacity magazines, require fingerprints for licensing. it would help cut down on straw purchases, when someone buys a gun from someone else. the critics are not convinced that is a big problem that needs to be addressed. >>> the prince georges county council voted unanimously to establish a work group. over the next serve months -- months, representatives from non-profits, clergy and others will join forces to find new strategies and solutions to the problem. fox 5 paul wagner is live in upper marlboro with the latest. paul? >> this work group will consistent of leaders in the county who will work with members of the county council who have given themselves until the end of september to find new strategies they think will work. >> and -- mr. patterson? joe all nine members voted in favor of pulling together a group of leaders in the county who would work with social services, the school system, and the clergy to come up with fresh ideas on
consistently stalled in the senate. but this year, senate president mike miller has said he believes it will pass the senate. it will clear the house, go into law, and then go up for referendum. i'm pat warren, reporting from annapolis. now back to you on tv hill. >> okay, pat. thank you. we are watching it. the general assembly put tighter restrictions on death penalty cases in 2009. >>> a messy and dangerous commute on some roads this morning. first warning weather coverage begins with alex demetrick, on the incredible number of accidents during rush hour. >> reporter: those accidents were spread over a number of counties. but the most seemed to be in anne arundel county, where there was the most serious crash of all. >> reporter: temperatures dropped low enough to turn overnight snow into thin crusts of ice. getting it off cars was the easy part. getting into work was the hard part. main lines jammed up, especially in anne arundel county. >> 9750. route 100. route 2. 695. we have reports all over county. the reason was ice-related accid
punissment this session.senaae president mike miller is supporter of capital punishment... but believes the - repeal leeislation will pass this year.o'malleyytried to &ppush ffr a repeal in 2009, but -3&pfell short. 33 the olympii sprinttr... who became known aroondd he wwrld as "the blade runner"... is &punder investigatioo forra --3 womanns deeth. say they received a cll from the home of oscarrpistoriis... abouu a shoooing.when officers arrived... they found paramedicsstrying to revive 30-year-old wwman who haddbeenn shot an unsppcified umber of times. the womaa died attthe scene... and officers say they found a -miilimeter &ppistol at the scene. runnnr into custody. he ps expecced to appear in couut later today. &p3 the italiannmagazine that published toplees photossoo &pkateemiddleton... is now -3 coming under fire agaii.this time....for puulishinn bikini photts of the pregnant duchees. duchess. the photos a skiipy blue bikini... sporting a tiny royal baby -3 bump... as shh takes a stroll &pon the beach n the caribbean.
raising he states gasstax pakessmost cringe. but senate president mike miller (d) says the states transportation deparrment is faaing crisis next year.he argued his two prooosals n front of a senate panel yesterday. here noo o dissusssthe pros and conssof senattr millers bills... is nick loffer directtr oo paryland. >>senator millers &pbills 29 andd8300addressstte problem facing our states ffnds and increasiig evenne for ransportationnwhat is the probleem> do you agree we need a "lock box?" how do we keep > the lock box can , 3only be raided "durrng a fiscaa emergency" >therr are other sennte bills being proppsed as chance at passing? > maryland isn't the only state debates... virginia ccngress 3 3 3 justtabout 2 minutes stands between you and 100-dollars. 100-dollars.we're drawiigg another name in our freebruaay contest..neet..ou're watching a ddmonstration outside 3 walmart. hat workers weree five.sting on fox 45 newssat - ((break 4)) 3 3 it's our free-bru-ary giveaway! giveaaay!!veryddy in february we're giving away 100- dollars an hour. hoor..óóóóó you have 3
boostttransportation reeenue. revenue.sennte presideet mike miller alsoowanns to give local ggvernments likk & baltimore city and surrounding -3 coonties... the authority to more.the proceeds....ould go directly towards funding mass transit. 3 (mayor) "baltimore city as taken hht of over $100 million & over the pass few years, we've losttin hiihway user revenue, innrastructure invessments, for our roads, our bridges.. bridges."another bill to be &pdebattd this week... caals for banning the transfee of oney from the transportation trust fund to the geeerrl fundd mmantime... ggvernor o'mallly 3 aay bill to boost 3 baatimoreecounty pollce are investigating a triple shoottng in middle river. nnght on eastern boulevarddat kingston road.police sayyone of the victims died.. the & otters wereetaken to the -3& hospital..o word on a uspect pr motive. -3 3 jury selection beginsstoday in towson forrthe &pteen aacuseddof shooting a 3 15-year-ood robeet glldden is being hhrgee as an aduut affer he fired a hotgun in cafeterra. 3 didn't tarret
...also senate presidenn mike miiler. (miller) ""ach &geeeration needs pure water, eech generation needs clean -3 air, thank you forrhelping &pmother earthh thank you for pelping make this happeen" & governor o'malley tells & committee...offshore -3 cruuial toward bbosting....renewable nergy 3 megawatt hhur of winn ttat we -3 generate here in maryland issa --3& megawatt hour weedoonot puel."(rydell))"but crrtics say it's unfair to have utility rateeayers subsidizz the development of this exppnsiie ppojeet eeery month for the next 20 yeaas."once the ttrbinee...are uu and ruuning....rtepayers...willl oo onn-ddllar and 50-ccnts a montt. (pipkin) "who's going theeocean ontt the coastline pnd onto the leetric grid, all of us are going to dd that."senator e.j. pipkin...believes tte..ennrry -commanies sshuld pay for the --3 entire operrtion.(pipkin) "at & the federal level, we heard -3 goveenment threw $500 million away on solyndraa we're ttrowing away our money thhs deal."but eevironmentalists...- .saa tte longtermmbenefitt will be well worth it.
tte company has already senatt president mike miiler - who represenns this aree - says tte llw will make room ffr gun manufacturinng.. miller: 11131:13 "welllthhre are exemmpioos from the bill, manuffcture won't beeabbe to beesold innthe state of bbll."09:488577"i know a few employees who wwrk foo beretta."james mccallister &pworks at the barber shopprigh next ddor to the beretta plaat. a clooure may not have a hugeeimmact on his would feel the loss.09:51:48 "it'' a huge commany soothey aae the threats that the lse 3 lawmakers think it's all a lie. and i espeet theer business r & here, but they've cried wolf theecompany declined an on- camera interview today.. but bbretta's italian company presidenttwas recently quoted in "the washinggon post" as &pbe a problem with marylandd"t meeinda roeder - fox 45 news at 5:30 is....expecced tomorrow... on... governor o'malley's... ggn controll bill. &pthis week.../ the state senate... willlalso ppur... ovvr a... bill... to... eppal... maryland's death penalty...//. a... senate committtee.. approved the... biil last wee
. [ applause ] mike in florida you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi mike. >> caller: how you doing? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: i'm be honest. i grew up in new york. and in the '60s, the dope came into the neighborhoods. it affected everybody and it also -- i had a friend of mine that sold dope in new york. he gave me a list of the judges and lawyers he was paying off. the same thing in congress. you trust a politician and today, the ends justify the means. and they get -- they don't serve the people. all they worry about is the next election. >> stephanie: who is the dope dealer in this analogy? >> caller: why did you go into the army? i want to get an education and job security. we went in there to serve the country. they don't do that. >> stephanie: can we go back to the dope analogy? who was the dope dealer? >> caller: hello. >> stephanie: all right. i'm guessing they drummed him out -- >> they drummed you right out. you come crawling back to broadway. broadway doesn't go for booze and dope! >> now you get out of my way because i have a man waiting for me! >> i guess broadwa
in chicago, you are on the "stephanie miller show" with john. hello, mike. >> caller: hi how are you? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i want to start by saying i'm not against homosexuality in the least. >> okay. >> caller: i just feel letting homosexuals into the boy scouts is perpetuating a problem. >> stephanie: how so? >> caller: i feel if a man is attract today a young boy -- >> stephanie: that's pedophilia -- >> caller: he is attracted to the same sex, that's not homosexual? >> but sir you know every country who documents pedestrian feelia, they identify themselves young boys right? >> caller: i think as a parent it's our obligation to try to avoid letting our kids get hurt. >> if you are a gay man are you going to risk going to jail by molest somebody in their boy scout troop with people like you scrutinizing -- >> stephanie: wait you disagree with homosexuality among adults -- >> caller: no, the animal world they say it is natural. >> stephanie: right, homosexuality does exist in every species. >> caller: show me the female animals that have s
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